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Life is Sweeter with You

(Name), being married to you these past X number of years has felt like a dream. From building a home and a life together, to even having beautiful children — we have truly been through everything together. Of course it wasn’t always easy, sometimes it was really hard, but at the end of the day there is no one I would rather share this life with than you. You praise me for my strengths, and help me through my weaknesses. You keep a smile on my face, and warmth in my heart. Today we celebrate our love — life will always be sweeter with you.

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How Much We’ve Learned

Groom: How young we were X years ago.
Bride: How much we’ve learned since then.
Groom: We’ve learned that not all dreams are attainable.
Bride: We’ve learned that people grow and change.
Groom: We’ve learned that nothing is quite the way we thought it would be. The hurts have been deeper than we expected — and the joys have been greater.
Bride: The pleasures have far outweighed the disappointments.
Groom: If I could go back and do it over again, I would still marry you.
Bride: And I would still marry you.
Groom: X years ago, I thought I loved you. Now, I know I do.
Bride: X years ago, I thought I loved you. Now, I know I do.

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A Second Chance

God has given us a second chance at happiness.
I come today to give you my love,
to give you my heart and
my hope for our future together.
I promise to bring you joy,
to be at home with your spirit and
to learn to love you more each day,
through all the days of our lives.
My love for you endless and eternal.

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Beloveds and Partners

Today, we reaffirm our commitment to each other
as beloveds and partners in marriage.
We continue to strive to be sensitive to each others needs,
to be open and understanding with each other,
and to share our thoughts, our feelings,
and our experiences with each other.
We renew our promise to try always to
bring out the qualities of forgiveness, compassion,
and integrity in ourselves and in each other.
We continue to cherish each others uniqueness.
We continue to share in life’s joys and remain steadfast
and comfort each other through life’s sorrows.

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